The role of engagement

Our approach to consultation and project development is based on effective engagement.Our aim is to engage with any organisation or individual with an interest in the project.

We are no longer in consultation,然而,我们认识到,与新的和以前确定的利益相关者接触仍然是必要的。Early and widespread consultation and engagement significantly shaped the scheme that was applied for and consented.Our approach was to facilitate early involvement of local communities,local authorities and statutory consultees and to ensure all parties were able to influence how the project was developed and integrated in the community.

Continued engagement leading into and throughout the construction period is important to ensure that stakeholders are informed of the project stages and have an opportunity to ask questions.


在申请前阶段,有超过400次会议与250名个人和组织举行,covering art and culture,业务,community councils,councillors and local authorities,教育,亚博 官网正规吗environment and conservation groups,鱼,个人/居民,political representatives and sport and recreation stakeholders.

During the non-statutory consultation period we held 4 public events attended by 431 individuals.
During statutory consultation we held 20 public events attended by 1,010 individuals and sent the Statement of Community Consultation,which included a consultation questionnaire,to 196,000 residential and commercial addresses.The consultation questionnaire results revealed an impressive 86% public support for the project.

斯旺西湾参与小组继续与斯旺西湾所有利益相关者进行沟通。从面对面的会议和陈述,沟通以多种不同的方式进行,to attendance at events and a project newsletter which currently has over 3,000 subscribers.

During 2015,63 project update presentations were given,以及与利益相关者举行的192次附加会议,其中包括项目状态更新。General community engagement throughout Swansea Bay is carried out by attendance at events.Our engagement team took part in the Mumbles raft race and four Swansea Bay community events in 2015 where we discussed the project with 1,213 stakeholders.Community surgeries were held in the last quarter of 2015 at six locations around Swansea Bay where we met with 106 members of the community.

In addition to attendance at general community events we attended 45 other events where we further communicated with our stakeholders.

We believe education and outreach are vital to this project and its legacy and we have an ambition to work in all 176 schools,colleges and universities in Swansea Bay by the end of construction,为激发年轻人的灵感,培养有关潮汐能的技能和知识。2015年在中小学举办了18次教育讲习班。拜访我们Educationpage to find out more.

2015年TLSB木筏比赛Mumbles Oyster festivalTLSB与Gowershow2015的合作

Active supporters of the project

Local residents have established four independent Active Supporters Groups,representing a membership of 959 individuals from the Swansea Bay region intent on supporting and promoting the scheme.我们与每个小组的主席保持定期联系,以便他们能够回答来自成员的问题。The Chairmen volunteer their time to join us at community events and send out their own newsletters to members to keep them informed of project progress.


The TLSB team joined the Swansea University team of SEACAMS to exhibit at the British Science Festival held in the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea.SEACAMS is a unique venture between Bangor,Swansea and Aberystwyth Universities 亚博88.comdesigned to bring together internationally recognised marine science expertise to support businesses working in Wales.联合展览的目的是让孩子们了解如何将生物块用作9.5公里长的海堤的一部分,这些海堤将被建造成斯旺西湾的泻湖。The bioblocks will be developed in a way to create habitat for the colonisation of marine life so that the lagoon seawall will positively contribute to increasing biodiversity in Swansea Bay.

那些参加我们的展览的人了解了我们试图通过使用生物块来实现的目标,并得到了一些粘土和纹理工具来创建他们自己的微型生物块。The workshop was very popular and 370 children made their own bioblocks over the weekend and considered the types of marine life that might live in Swansea Bay and what might make a good habitat.

You can find out more about bioblocks and the work that SEACAMS carry outhere.




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